TOURS / Performance Highlights 

March 2019 // House & Home Tour (The Lifers & Moonfruits) 
5-date tour of Southern Ontario. 

February 2019 // "Pigeon" Release Concerts (Samson Wrote) 
Backing vocals & effects 

Jan/Feb 2019 // Suite Intentions Tour (The Lifers) 
12-date tour of Eastern Canada (Nova Scotia and New Brunswick). With the support of Via Rail Artists on Board program and Canada Council for the Arts. 

December 2018 // Songs for Solstice (The Lifers & Annie Sumi) 
5-date tour of Alberta and Ontario. With support from FACTOR. 

August 2018 // Little Dens Tour (The Lifers) 
10-date tour of Ontario. This tour was in support of the sustainable rebuilding of the Guelph Lake Nature Centre in Guelph, ON. 

May-June 2018 // Sisterhood of Sound Tour (The Lifers & Annie Sumi) 
34-date tour of North/East US, Eastern Canada, Ontario and Europe (Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Norway). With support from the Ontario Arts Council. 

October 2017 // "In the Unknown" Release Concerts (Annie Sumi) 
Backing vocals 

May 2017 // The Wildflower Tour (The Lifers & Annie Sumi) 
14-date tour of Eastern Canada, Quebec, and Ontario. 

July-August 2015 // Cross-Canada tour (The Lifers) 
Through Via Rail’s Artists on Board Program 



In the Dead of Winter Festival / Halifax, NS / January 2019 
Showcase at Canadian Folk Music Awards with Annie Sumi / December 2018 
Official Showcase at Folk Muisc Ontario Conference (The Lifers) / September 2018 
Summerfolk Festival / Owen Sound, ON / August 2018 
River Rock Festival / St. Mary's, ON / August 2018 
Hillside Festival (Backing vocals for Annie Sumi) / July 2018 
Egersund Visefestival / Egersund, Norway / July 2018 
Living Roots Festival / Fredericton, NB / May 2018 
Paddlefest / St. Andrew's, NB / May 2018 
Official Showcase at Folk Muisc Ontario Conference (Backing vocals for Annie Sumi) / September 2018 
Developing Artist Official Showcase at Folk Music Ontario Conference / October 2016 
Summerfolk Festival / August 2016 
Hillside Festival / July 2016 
Hillside Inside (Girls and Guitars) / January 2016 



Canada Council for the Arts - Arts Across Canada Touring Grant "Suite Intentions Tour" / 2019 
FACTOR Live Performance Grant "Songs for Solstice" / 2018 
Nomination - CFMA New/Emerging Artist  "Honey Suite" / 2018 
FMO Website Award (The Lifers) / 2018 
Nomination - Colleen Peterson Songwriting Award (FMO & OAC) "Sister" / 2018 
Ontario Arts Council Touring Grant "Sisterhood of Sound Tour" / 2018 
FACTOR Artist Development Grant "Honey Suite" / 2017