Anita Cazzola’s work inhabits the intersections between textiles, geology, geography, and the built human environment. Exploring the material and metaphorical complexities of cloth and geological forms, Anita reconsiders the destructive assumptions of decay and disintegration as means of resistance, reclamation and healing. Stitched, pieced, and handwoven textiles in combination with video projection, cast surfaces and found forms communicate her ideas softly yet intentionally. She asks, how are our contemporary methods of delineating and constructing space (digital maps, rigid architecture, boundaries, and borders)  mediating our connections to land and environment? These gridded structures are broken down, bent, curved, softened, and remade out of malleable materials to undo and reframe their resilience. 

Anita Cazzola is a textile and installation artist from Guelph, ON. She completed her BFA at OCAD University in 2018, where she studied Sculpture and Installation and minored in Material Arts and Design with a focus in Textiles.  Anita has begun to exhibit her works within Ontario in solo and group exhibitions including Abbozzo Gallery, Toronto, ON; 10C, Guelph, ON; and Propeller Gallery, Toronto, ON. She attended an artist residency at the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts (Deer Isle, ME) in August 2019, and is currently the 2021 Artist in Residence for the City of Guelph.